You've found a bug, identified some deficiency, or have a feature request? We'd like to hear about it! First, please look to see whether there is a similar report. If so, perhaps you can add something that will help us track down the bug or resolve the issue. If you don't see a similar report, please send an email describing the issue to (This is a public mailing list managed by debbugs; you don't have to be subscribed to post to it.)

In your email, please include as much information as is relevant to understand the problem. If you've identified a bug, you'll ideally include a succinct way to reproduce it, e.g., a series of steps or a script that elicits the faulty behavior.

If you've identified a fault in Murmeltier, please look at Murmeltier's log file, which is in $HOME/.murmeltier/logs/debug-output.db. This is a sqlite database. To examine it, run:

    $ sqlite3 $HOME/.murmeltier/logs/debug-output.db
    SQLite version 3.6.14
    Enter ".help" for instructions
    Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
    sqlite> .schema
    CREATE TABLE log (OID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,  timestamp, tz,  level, function, file, line, return_address,  message);
    sqlite> select * from log order by timestamp;
    4421514|1321553214699|60|3|schedule_frequency_check|murmeltier.c|534|0x401adad4|Average time since last 8 scans: 193 mins; 2 scans: 22 mins
    4421515|1321553214699|60|3|do_schedule|murmeltier.c|926|0x401adad4|Not scheduling: scheduler run too frequently recently.

If you find something relevant, note the number in the first column of the first and last relevant entries, replace START and END in the code below with them, and run:

    sqlite> attach database '/tmp/report.db' as report;
    sqlite> create table report.log as select * from log where log.OID between START and END;

Then attach /tmp/report.db to your email.

apt-woodchuck and vcssync use text-based log files. They are saved as $HOME/.apt-woodchuck.log and $HOME/.vcssync.log, respectively.

If you've identified a fault in some other related software (e.g., a program using a library we provide) please try to determine if that software has debugging logs and include the relevant excerpts in your bug report.

Thanks for taking the time to help improve Woodchuck!